Parkinson's Voice Initiative

Press and media coverage

National Public Radio (US): Say 'Ahhh': A Simpler Way To Detect Parkinson's

BBC News (UK): Voice Algorithms Spot Parkinson's Disease

TED: A test for Parkinson’s with a phone call

CNN (US): The Next List: Max Little

Wall Street Journal (US): Diagnosing Parkinson’s by Phone

Wired (US/UK): Speech Algorithm Could Detect Early Parkinson’s Symptoms

Techcrunch (US): Make A Three-Minute Call, Help Develop A Test For Parkinson’s Based On Voice Recognition

The Economist (UK): Voicing Concerns

Le Monde (France): Diagnostiquer Parkison par téléphone

Le Point (France): Diagnostiquer la Maladie de Parkinson a la Voix

New Scientist (UK): Diagnosing Parkinson's in a Phone Call with a Computer

CBC Toronto (Canada): As It Happens

RTE Radio 1 (Ireland): The Marian Finucane Show


For media enquiries about the project, please contact PVI Director Max Little.