Parkinson's Voice Initiative

What is the purpose of this initiative?

We aim to collect 10,000 voice recordings from people across the globe. These recordings will be used to achieve several scientific research goals: see the 'Vision' tab for more details.

Where's the number in my country?

Currently we have limited resources to reach out to every country. But we do have plans to extend the project to several other countries. Send us a message telling us which country you are in and we will let you know as soon as a number becomes available!

Will my recording be anonymous?

Yes – all recordings are non-identifiable, and no personal information is stored.

Do I need to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s?

No – even if you are healthy your voice recordings will be helpful to the project.

What will you do with my recordings?

Your recordings will be used for scientific research purposes, to improve the technology.

Is the call free?

The call is charged, at the most, at your national call rate, but may cost less if you are in the same local area as the number.

How long does the call take?

3 minutes on average, and normally less than 5 minutes.

What happens during the call?

Simple verbal instructions are given during the call. You are asked to make certain vocal sounds. We also ask for several pieces of information: including, whether you have been diagnosed with Parkinson's, your gender, and your age. The latter information is used to 'train' the algorithms on the differences between healthy controls and Parkinson's.

Will I receive feedback on my recording?

You can register for feedback on your voice recordings by visiting the ‘Request feedback’ tab, and submit your call reference number and email address. We plan to provide various metrics about voice quality in the near future as the research progresses. Note that this does not constitute clinical advice.

I registered for feedback - when will I receive my response?

Our aim is to involve you as much as possible in this research project but please remember that this is not a service, and we are operating with very limited resources. Please also read the answer to the query above.

Can I get a diagnosis?

No. Although we have shown that the technology can detect Parkinson’s from voice recordings, this initiative is for scientific research only. If you suspect you may have Parkinson’s disease, please visit your primary care provider or neurologist for professional advice.

Can I get clinical information about my symptoms?

No. As above, although we have shown that using voice recordings in conjunction with specialized algorithms, we can accurately reproduce symptom severity on standard clinical scales, this is a research project and does not provide clinical information. You should only alter your treatment regime in consultation with your primary care provider or neurologist.

How does it work: how can you detect Parkinson’s from voice recordings?

Subtle changes to the voice, including tremor, breathiness and weakness are detected by specialized algorithms.

If I have vocal tremor, weakness or breathiness, does this mean I have Parkinson’s?

Not necessarily. However, if you suspect you may have Parkinson’s disease, it is important to get professional advice.

How old do I have to be to contribute?

To give informed consent, you must be 18 years and over to contribute.

I have essential tremor (ET). Can I participate?

Yes please - ET is often difficult to separate from Parkinson's and so is a known confounding factor and we want to have ET represented in the database. In the call, please say 'No' to the question about a diagnosis of Parkinson's.

I think I may have Parkinson's, but have not been clinically diagnosed (yet). Can I call, and what should I answer during the call?

Yes, we would be delighted to have your contribution. During the call, please answer 'No' to the question about whether you have been clinically diagnosed with Parkinson's.

I want to know more about Parkinson's, can you help?

An excellent place to start your research:
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